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The Rosemary MacDonald Pure Pilates Fitness Centre...

...warmly welcomes you to Cheltenham's first pilates studio which opened in 2002. Our service and pilates remains bespoke and at the top nationally and internationally. We are unusual in that we analyse your unique body's specific needs before we decide which pilates is best for you. We have countless testimonials from clients stating how our pilates has changed their lives, often remarkably. As we help you to achieve whole-body, life-enhancing musculoskeletal fitness please relax in knowing that our years of experience and training are being used to help you reach your fitness goals with maximum care and knowledge.

We want to empower you to learn all we have to offer, to make you independent so that you know what to do throughout your week. Learn with clarity, precision, thoughtfulness and fun, about your own body's needs, then add essential core strength and posture, increased muscle tone, stamina and flexibility. Learn how to look slimmer, taller and move with strength and gracefulness. Increase your muscle tone so that your body burns calories efficiently for you. Learn how to fuse your aerobic and musculoskeletal fitness the best way possible so that you really can go from strength to strength.

If you would like to develop your body for maximum enjoyment of life in this relaxed and friendly environment please ring Rosemary on 01242 237 357.

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